What Clients Have to Say...

#"Jennifer's talents and skills are rooted in her artist soul. She has explored a broad range of media and has played with many forms of expression. Working with her has always been fun and hugely creative. I speak from many years of turning over administration, bookkeeping, editing and design projects to her in my business as an art therapist, author, workshop leader and trainer. She's a gem!" ~Lucia Capacchione, PhD

#."You know how you have an abstract idea and are lucky to find someone who gets it, gets you and makes your dream a reality? That is the gift of finding Jennifer Star. She is creativity plus, has an eye for color, artistry, and is a joy to work with. She made my book beautiful. I recommend her wholeheartedly." ~Jean Steal, author

#"I am thrilled that I chose Jennifer to assist with my book. She is the perfect combination of creativity and detailed practicality. Her insight, artistic flair, and experience were just what I needed. She was a fabulous and trusted guide on my journey." ~Dorothy Segovia, author

#"Working with Jennifer to create my website banner was a real treat. She is a wonderful mix of kind, helpful, easy-going, and hugely creative! I highly recommend her graphic design work." ~Denise Durkin

#"Jennifer’s artistic ability combined with her outstanding professionalism is what makes her web design talent stand out from all the others in this field." ~Lisa Tanzman

"If you have trouble with the computer world, I can't recommend Jennifer Star highly enough. She is soft spoken, patient, and knowledgeable in the art of learning how to enjoy using a computer! She taught me in a language I understood, the tricks, shortcuts, and ease that suit me. She is a wonderful guide that will make your learning experience a pleasant one." ~Victoria J. Greene