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Welcome...thanks for visiting!

This site features the creative offerings of Jennifer Star in the form of bookkeeping and administrative services, graphic and web design, Mac computer-use consulting, creative consulting, art classes, books written and made by Jennifer, plus book arts and mandalas.


NEWS: The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey
handmade and paperback versions by Jennifer Star are now available in •books

The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey by Jennifer Star

Jennifer Star—StarFlower Professional Services

Much more than just a finished product, the services offered here are about genuine engagement with the client for a fulfilling experience on all levels. Customer satisfaction is what SFPS aims to achieve.

So as to provide service at the high quality striven for, a complimentary 30-minute consultation is given by SFPS to potential clients in order to determine if we are a good match.

—Jennifer Star

Creative expression and sharing it with others is who I am and what I do. With over 25 years of experience in all my areas of offering, I support those I work with through an intuitive manner of listening as we navigate together the realm of their specific need.

How may I be of service to you? Contact me at 805•927•7261 or jstar.sfps @ gmail.com to explore your options.


"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of others,
but from doing something worthwhile." ~Wilfred Grenfell

—Bookkeeping & Administrative Services:

Full service bookkeeping using QuickBooks for Mac. Over 25 years experience. $35/hour

Administrative services cover a wide variety of options—just ask. References available upon request. $35/hour

—Graphic & Web Design:

Banners, logos, books, newsletters, posters, brochures, business cards, advertisements, multi-media presentations, simple websites. etc. Click here for a sampling of designs and links to websites created by SFPS. $35/hour, deposit required

—Mac Computer Consulting:

One-on-one consultations in the comfort of your own home (within the Cambria area) to guide you through the use of your Mac computer, working at a pace that is comfortable for you. $25/hour. Pre-paid package deals available: 5 hours/$115; 10 hours/$210; 20 hours/$380.

—Creative Consulting & Private Art Classes:

Please inquire. 805•927•7261 or jstar.sfps @ gmail.com. Gallery of art project examples here.

—The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey

This book, born from a desire to intensify my daily focus on the small yet spectacular details inside ordinary life on earth, features the best 120 haiku from the year 2014.

The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey by Jennifer Star The Spectacular Within the Mundane: One Woman's Haiku Journey by Jennifer Star
$50 - Handmade, signed by the author,
limited edition of 15 - Preview here.
182 pages, 8.5 x 7.5 inches
$15.95 - Paperback signed by the author
182 pages, 7.5 x 7.5 inches
Preview (or purchase unsigned) at Lulu.com

—Check out my new Etsy store...StarFlower Artworks!

Book Houses by Jennifer Star—Book Arts

Designing, engineering, and building handmade books and book structures is one of my loves and passions. I use repurposed materials in the build whenever possible.

Contact me if you would like a custom book and/or book structure built for you. Commission rate determined by project. Gallery of book art project samples here.

Mandalas by Jennifer Star


I love mandalas and anything circular. The mandalas I create are from photos taken and/or art painted by me and then digitally manipulated. Gallery store for mandala cards and prints here.

I also create custom mandalas using your photographs or artwork. View a custom mandala sample here. Contact me for rates.

~Jennifer's talents and skills are rooted in her artist soul. She has explored a broad range of media and has played with many forms of expression. She also has great people skills. Working with her has always been fun and hugely creative. I speak from many years of turning over administration, bookkeeping, editing and design projects to her in my business as an art therapist, author, workshop leader and trainer. She's a gem! ~Lucia Capacchione, PhD

~I am thrilled that I chose Jennifer to assist with my book. She is the perfect combination of creativity and detailed practicality. Her insight, artistic flair, and experience with her own self-published book were just what I needed. She was a fabulous and trusted guide on my journey. ~Dorothy Segovia

~Working with Jennifer to create my website banner was a real treat. She is a wonderful mix of kind, helpful, easy-going, and hugely creative! I highly recommend Jennifer for folks looking for stellar graphic design work. ~Denise Durkin

~Jennifer’s artistic ability combined with her outstanding professionalism is what makes her web design talent stand out from all the others in this field. Jennifer, thank you very much for making us look great. ~Lisa Tanzman

~If you are like me and have trouble with the computer world, I can't recommend Jennifer Star highly enough. She is soft spoken, patient, and knowledgeable in the art of learning how to enjoy using a sometimes very frustrating computer! Jennifer taught me in a language I understood, the tricks, shortcuts, and ease that suit me. I think she is a wonderful guide that will make your learning experience a pleasant one. ~Victoria J. Greene, Artist


StarFlower Professional Services


jstar.sfps @ gmail.com


10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Pacific Time

Monday through Friday
Cambria, California

All photos and graphics on this site by Jennifer Star
Borage Flower artwork by Sally J Smith